A Scolding

Okay. So I've been "scolded through the grapevine" by my in-laws and others (ahem, Sandra) for not continuing to fulfill my original purpose for blogging--keeping you long-distance loved-ones updated on Cole. I realize that most of you care nothing about reading my ramblings but check the website in hopes of getting a glimpse at my cute boy. So I do have some pictures to post, and I thought many of you would like to see how our baby has quickly turned into a big boy.

We just returned a few days ago from a spring break trip to south Alabama to visit Gilbert's parents. We'd talked it up for a long time to him, promising that he could put to use the Superman fishing pole he'd gotten for Christmas, and he could not wait. Just a few days before we left he started asking when he would go fishing with his Paw-paw. It escalated from asking daily, to a few times daily, to several times a day. The night before we left, he was praying and he said, "Thank you for Paw-paw, thank you for fishing." As he said fishing, he did his little hand motions for reeling a fish in. He even told a lady in a Tennessee Zaxby's about fishing. He was beyond excited. To build his anticipation even more, he had his very own tackle box, complete with his very own rubber worms, waiting for him when he woke up on Monday morning. He hauled a worm around with him every second we were there, even to bed each night. And finally, he got to fish. Here are a few pictures from the week.

This picture isn't the easiest to see, but Gilbert took it on his phone because I, of course, left my camera in the van for this excursion. Cole "caught" this one with Gilbert's help. He was so very excited.

This was the second day on the boat, when I did remember my camera. We did not catch one single thing this day, but I did get some cute pictures anyway. Cole amused himself (and I think annoyed others) by constantly checking on the minnows we were using as bait. He got very brave and ended up spending most of the time waiting for someone to need a new minnow so he could use the net to pull out some fish, stick his hand into the net with the flopping little things, get a good grip on one, and take it over to the person who needed it.

He was also a very good car rider. We traveled the entire eleven hour trip home with only a two hour nap and two short stops.

We had a good time. The boys got a fishing fix, and I had time to read for enjoyment. Now it's back to the real world next week for a few more weeks of school, and then some summertime fun! I can't wait.


Kate's Top 3 Things

Top 3 things I should have posted on my blog in the last month or so:

1. Cole has been totally paci free for the last few weeks. He's pretty much been an "only-when-sleeping" paci user for the majority of his life, but I have been ready for him to get rid of it. Especially before a new paci user enters the picture (refer to #3). He came home from daycare about 3 weeks or so ago with a note that said, "Cole's paci has disappeared. Could you please send another? P.S. He DID go to sleep without it." That was the extra nudge I needed to attempt to help him kick the habit. So that night we put him to bed without, and not a single tear was shed. He drifted right off to sleep, and has only simply inquired about it a handful of times since.

2. A cute Cole story, as told by Gilbert: Cole calls my bras "boobies." When he sees me getting undressed he says, "Mom, you gonna take your boobies off?" So the other day Gilbert and Cole went to the store. As they walked down an aisle, they had a straight shot of the lingerie section. Just as the bras come into sight, Cole, at the top of his lungs, and with great excitement, says, "BOOBIES!!!" Gilbert almost died. I can imagine. I would have loved to be there.

3. As referenced in #1, we are expecting a younger sibling for our sweet Cole in September. I'm sure that you've probably all heard that at this point, but there may be a few of you who aren't facebookers. This pregnancy, so far, has been a little different from the first. I am just as weepy as I was with Cole (maybe even a little more) but I am a good bit snippier than I was before. When I was carrying Cole, I was, I think, much kinder than when I wasn't pregnant. Not the case this time. I am a roller-coaster, completely. My only hope is that this means I'm having a girl and the extra estrogen isn't treating me (or those who come into close range) too well. I had my second dr. visit last week and when I told the dr. that I'd had some sickness, he asked if I had the same with my first pregnancy. When I told him no, he said, "You know what they say that means..." Then when we heard the heartbeat and it was 160, he said, "You know what they say that means..." I'm trying not to listen to all that; especially since Cole's heartbeat was usually in the 160 range. Although I must admit that I do have plans to check the Chinese conception chart when I get done here.

I'm sure those can't be the only important or interesting things that have happened in the last month, but, as usual, I think of a ton of ideas and when I finally get on to post, it all disappears from my brain. So I guess that will have to tide you over for a bit. I'll try to get back to you if another comes to me. But, as you've learned in the last 6 months or so, you probably shouldn't hold your breath.