For Melissa

Melissa M. called the other day and dogged me out for not having shared a belly picture. Okay, so she didn't "dog me out," but she did make a request. So here it is:

And, not to be too critical of myself, but yes, I am every bit as tired in this picture as I look. My picture dilemma has been that in the afternoon I usually go to the gym, so in the evenings (the best opportunity for photos) I either look like I just came from the gym, or I look like I just came from the shower and am ready for bed. On this rare night, I had gone smelly but more nicely dressed to the ball park, so I took advantage of the moment to give Melissa what she wanted. Maybe next time I get dressed up for something and Gilbert is around, I'll have him snap another, more becoming shot. (And I'm sure I'll thank Melissa later when I realize that I only took a few pictures of this pregnancy.)

You know, just for the fun of it (or to let you decide how much having a child has aged me), why not throw in a picture of me at exactly the same point in my pregnancy with Cole?

Yuck. I wouldn't say I'm glowing quite as much with this pregnancy as with the first. Why am I doing this to myself?!? Oh well. I must really love you guys (or at least Melissa.) Just when I thought I wasn't one of those moms on the Suave commercial that says, "x percent of moms say they've let themselves go since having children." I guess that's just part of it. =-)

By the way, in case you're not facebookers, it is another boy!