More funny conversations with Cole

Conversation #1:
Gilbert's getting ready for work and Cole walks in while he's putting gel in his hair.
Cole: Daddy, what you doing?
Gilbert: Putting gel in my hair.
C: Why?
G: So I can pick up chicks.
Later, at the mall:
Kate: Cole, we need to go show Daddy your new glove and bat (Yeah, the real deal. I couldn't say no.)
C: No, Daddy's picking up chicks.

Conversation #2:
K: Cole, it's bed time.
C: No, I don't need to go to bed. I happy.

Conversation #3:
After finishing his bedtime story:
C: Mom, you lay down with me?
K: Not tonight. I'm going to go downstairs.
C: No. You tired. Let me see...(as he pokes his fingers into my mouth and pries my jaws open) Yeah. Your mouth is tired. Let me see... Eww! You got dirt in your mouth!
K: Uh-oh. What should I do? Brush my teeth?
C: No. Spit it out.
Then, after he schools me in the right way to spit dirt out into his hand:
C: I'll put it in the flowers tomorrow.

Love, love, loving this age. I need to be writing more down.