Okay. I'm finally ready to share pictures of the house. I took some before we officially moved in but never got around to posting them. Then it looked so much better when we started to fix things up, so I intended to take more, but then we moved the real stuff in, and it was a wreck (yes, I took pictures of that for you to see but my camera somehow deleted them. Seriously. I promise). But now the downstairs is cleaned up and I took some more yesterday. Take a look. Our dining room and kitchen. I chose this color and I love it. Some of you know the drama that preceded the choice, however. Our very cool living room; my personal favorite. That's a painting of my grandparents' house over the fireplace, which I love. Our bedroom's pretty cool too (we painted it red) but considering the fact that the bed is never, ever made, and it has a quilt on it now that totally clashes with the color, I'll spare you the picture.

And since it's Halloween and my husband bought me a cool new camera as an early birthday gift, I'll share some photos of Cole's costume. This is the first holiday we've had that he's been able to really get into, and he's had so much fun. I can't wait until Christmas time.
I had to get a shot of that cute booty in those (ahem) leggings I had him in. Before he broke into the candy
And after
What a fun night!


Carla said...

I love it!! The house looks awesome and that cute little froggy boy, well I could just eat him up, chocolate and all. Looks like things are going great for you and your wonderful family. Looks like Cole really enjoyed Halloween.

Anonymous said...

You're the best mom. Cole is having such a great time...and I know Gilbert and you had great fun watching him. Love you guys. Nana

Anonymous said...

Can you believe I actually figured out how to do this? Nana

Deaton, party of 5 said...

LOVE those green leggings and seeing your beautiful home.

Emily said...

I love your house! It looks like Cole had alot fun! Joseph liked Halloween but it's extra fun for mommy and daddy because we get to eat most of his candy! :)

Katy and Phil said...

I love your dining room table! We need to get one like that instead of our foldout one, I think it is going to fall apart soon!

Valerie said...

Cole looks adorable in those tights. What a hoot!
Your new home looks so cozy, enjoy!!