It's Time

Just because I'm trying to blog once a week, I'm going to bore you with some details of my day...
The exciting news (I guess) is that I'm off today because it's a snow day. We have about 5 inches. But on the negative side (which I'm disturbed to admit I can usually find), this means one day closer to June before school's out. Oh well. I guess a sanity day peppered into the spring semester is nice.
A perk of the day is that I have time to do some school work that I wasn't sure I'd ever have the chance to get started on, much less finish. Because I have a doctor's appointment today at 1:30, I had Gilbert take Cole to daycare (they just had a 2 hour delay) so I wouldn't have to find a sitter during nap time so I could go to my appointment. What that means, although I'm a little sad Cole doesn't get to play in the snow, is that I had time to work on my central office mandated assignment that I'd been refusing to do, and it's as done as it can be right now (although getting it done that quickly probably means I did it poorly. Oh well. At least I feel better about it, right?) Anyway, sorry to bore you. I just felt obligated to post. Hope your day is happy! (By the way, in proofreading this, I think I "sound" quite a bit like Ben Stein. Anyone else "hear" it?)

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