A Funny Conversation

Inspired by Melanie's posted conversations heard around her house, I thought I'd share one with you all. (This is actually a conversation within a conversation. I hope you can follow):

Gilbert: I think I messed up. I gave Cole a bath while you were at the gym, and I think you already gave him one tonight.

Kate: No, I didn't.

Gilbert: Well, he told me he'd already had one. Plus, his gun (that shoots those little styrofoam disks) was laying by the tub.

Kate: He had that in the bathroom earlier while I was trying to (pardon my language) poop. Here's how that went:

Cole: Watch out Mommy! (as he points the gun at me and shoots)
Kate: Please do not shoot at Mommy. (I'm trying to poop.)
Cole: I not shooting at you!
Kate: Yes, you were. You pointed the gun, pulled the trigger, and hit me in
the chest.
Cole: I not shooting at you.
Kate: Please do not shoot Mommy.
Cole: But I not...
Kate: Just say, "Yes ma'am."
Cole: Yes ma'am. (Then under his breath) But I not shooting at you.


Melanie said...

LOVE IT!!!! It's amazing how early that "last word" struggle starts :) Little cute stinker!

Jeanne said...

Yeah, Melanie...you should know! lol

Kate, that's so precious! I love hearing funny/interesting/amazing conversations that little ones are involved in. So funny and sometimes even inspiring!

Valerie said...

Love that picture!!! What a cutie!

Terri said...

They get sassy quick! How funny! I am sure there are many more to come.