My 100th post

What a lame, lame excuse for a 100th post. I was logging on, trying to decide the most appropriate title for this downer post, when I noticed that I'd posted 99 times. This would be number 100. It should be a celebration, I think. But instead, I'm opting for a vent session. I hope you're prepared for this one.

I. Am. Totally. Overwhelmed.
Shock of all shocks, I know.
My house is a train-wreck. A pig-sty. A disaster area. No joke. I'm not one of those people who says, "Whew. My house is a wreck," when it really isn't. This is a lame attempt at making those of us in the true pig-sties feel better. But it doesn't. It only makes us feel worse about ourselves.

I'm just going to be totally, up-front honest about things. My kitchen floor was swept for the first time yesterday since February 7th. Yes. I remember the exact date. I can't even begin to guess when it was mopped last. January, I'm sure. And it's obvious. Chocolate milk spots I didn't get to before they were almost dry. Chocolate icing splattered on the floor. Kool-aid in one place, spaghetti sauce in another. And when I swept yesterday, dust flew everywhere. I'm not joking.

The toilets have rings around them. The bathtub drains are yucky too. The mirrors have toothpaste splattered all over.

The living room was last vaccumed on February 14th, only because we had movie night with 7 boys, and the popcorn could not be overlooked. Trust me. If it could have been, it would have. I killed a spider the other night under the coffee table and just rolled the coffee table back into place on top of it.

And I've only mentioned the most traveled areas of the house.
It's ridiculous.

And I've been feeling okay about it all, trying to remind my
self of all those people who've said that when my boys are big, it won't matter how messy my house was when they were growing up. I've been hoping that's true.
But tonight, as I looked at Cole's too-long, dirty, sticky fingernails I asked myself, "Exactly what am I doing around here? My children aren't even properly groomed for Pete's sake."

They're dressed and fed (although judging from Beau's placement on the percentile chart these days, that is debateable too; and it's only true for Cole with thanks to McDonald's or Culver's or Moe's). That's about all I can say.

What am I doing well these days, you wonder?
1. Washing bottles
2. Pumping breastmilk
3. Smooching on boys

Okay, so now I'm at the point in the post that I realize how pathetic I sound. So I guess I'll put you people out of your misery. [In proofreading, I just realized another thing that I can say about my boys. They're HAPPY. I guess I should get over myself, huh?]

Just needed a vent session. Happy 100th post! Yay! (That's about all the celebration you people are going to get. What do you want from me? I'm exhausted.)

** And don't even think about sending me some feel-better comment if you see your counter top for more than two days consecutively, or if you saw your counter-top for more than two days consecutively when your children were young. (Smile)


Katy and Phil said...

I love you Kate and your honesty. I know that you are thinking oh great Katy is not the person I want reading this! I seriously do love you. Your boys love you and are well behaved (i dunno about Gilbert) and that is all that matters!

Jeanne said...

Sweet Kate, I love the way you just open up your life and share your heart with your readers!

First of all, let me say that I rarely saw my countertops when I was raising kids! And...that was my full time job, so you'd think I should have had all the time in the world to do all the housework plus taking care of the children. But that was not the case.

I cannot even imagine how tired and overwhelmed you must be with a job away from home plus all the other responsibilities of raising kids and running a household.

I had a dear friend years ago who always had a perfectly clean and orderly house. I both admired and envied her...until...she told me one time how miserable she was because she couldn't just enjoy life because she always felt things had to be perfect. She wanted to be like me! Imagine that!!!

I don't have any words of wisdom or advice for you on this subject. Just don't beat yourself up. Do what you can do and keep loving on those boys of yours!

I love you!

Holly Cooper said...

Kate! My mother came to help me this week since J had surgery...she said to me, and I quote, "Would you please vacuum and mop while I'm here? Jess keeps eating pieces of things off the floor and I don't know if it's food or something else. Looks like it's been there for a while."

Courtney Hodges said...

Okay, if this makes you feel better I have no children and I might be in worse shape than you. I haven't cleaned either bathroom since Craig and I moved in Jan 12. I'm not sure the kitchen floor has been mopped in all this time. Nelly has shreds of tissues all over the floor that she dug out of the garbage. And we still have several boxes that have yet to be unpacked. Can you imagine the mess I'll have once I have kids to help with making it??? Love you!