Well, Facebook's given me a LONG hiatus from blogging, but, as many of you know, I've decided to cut-back on Facebook time and focus on other things that are more important and that are healthier choices for me. So I hope to be using some of that extra time that I anticipate having by sharing my life through my blog. (And I'm going to make my best effort to keep this thing going without sacrificing precious time.)

My original purpose in starting this blog was to invite far-away friends and family to watch my sweet little one-year-old Cole grow-up. Now that Cole's a big brother (and a fine one at that--despite the fact that he enjoys torturing his brother, he's also capable of being gentle and sweet; tonight he helped him get ready for bed by brushing his hair, diapering him, and putting his pajamas on), I've got at least twice as many adventures to share in the way of motherhood.

I hope, though, to refrain from using this avenue solely for kid stories and photos that I think are cute. (Like this one.)

That's what the blog had come to before I slipped away for a while, and while I hope that you'll love those parts of my writing, I also hope to use my blog to share other parts of my life as well--my hopes, my struggles, my joys, and my successes in work, in marriage, and in my faith-walk. Because I'm trying to be relentless in my quest to be real, to be honest, and to be who God is calling me to be.


Deaton, party of 5 said...

Yeah, you're back. I've always enjoyed reading your posts, you have such a talent for writing. Those boys are simply the CUTEST!

Valerie said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back to the blogging world. You know I'm gone from Facebook, so I'd LOVE to see more bloggers get their blog on! I'm trying to get back to a faithful blogger, to not only share my babies, but to share other things too.
SO glad to see your post!!! So very glad!