We're Back

Well, we're back home and although we would have been content with having a few more days, Cole is definitely a sight for sore eyes. I think he was ready to see us. Even though Mom and Emily kept him very busy while they were here (trips to the mall, the art museum, and the zoo, to name a few), they said that he definitely noticed our not being there. We were able to video conference with him three or four times while we were gone, but there were days that we were too busy to catch him. On top of that, the time change complicated things too. I think our being gone temporarily traumatized him, because he was not himself this morning. Every time I left his sight he cried for me. We even had breakfast out with the girls before they left this morning and he refused to sit in the high chair. He wanted me to hold him. It is definitely nice to be loved and missed, but I thought we were looking at a very long and exhausting day. After a nap, though, he was back to his normal self, for the most part.

So it's back to the real world, which is usually very hard for me when I return from being away from home. We'll see how this coming week goes. Thanks for thinking of us as we traveled. Here are a few more pictures of the last day of our trip. We spent Thursday in Florence.

The view from our hotel room was gorgeous.

This living statue was very believable.

Awesome architecture


Ashley Fowlkes said...

Welcome back! You'll have to describe the food some time when you've got the time. I was just looking at some of our Italy pics, and ran across several that had backgrounds similar to yours. I'll have to scan and post a few some time soon, if you promise not to make fun of my puffy hair. Hugs to Cole!

Melissa said...

Glad that you are back safely. Love your hair, still. You are one hot mama and it is very flattering on you. Looks like ya'll had a blast and I'm sure Cole was happy to see his mommy!

Carla said...

I glad you made it back safely. The pictures are awesome, I am glad that you had a wonderful time.

Terri said...

Glad your home safely. I know Mr. Cole missed his mommy and daddy, but you guys sure did get to visit some wonderful places. Love the pics.