A Trip to The Windy City

Okay. I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, but I haven't been able to come up with anything interesting enough to devote an entire post to. I do, however, feel bad for those of you who check on me, anticipating something new, and find those same old corny pictures of me in my vehicles. So I'll let you know about something we've done recently that you might find a little interesting.

Gilbert and I went last Friday to Chicago for a Cubs game. We'd purchased tickets in April with intentions of the three of us going, but as time got close enough for us to get the weather forecast, we realized that it was going to be in the mid-fifties that day, with Chicago wind and a chance of showers, so we decided to leave Cole here. I agreed to this only with a promise from Gilbert that we'd go back again later in the season when the weather is warmer. Our sweet friends the Andersons kept Cole. (Mandy should get most of the credit. She had him for 12 hours that day and also lugged him to the doctor with her own three boys. When the two who were waiting for their exam stripped down to their undies, Cole was determined to do the same. Sweet Mandy let him get mostly naked too and run around the exam room in just his diaper. She knows exactly how to make him happy!)

Gilbert and I had a good time at the game. We got to see a win, and the trip to Chicago is a piece of cake--just about two hours. Gilbert's dad says that's how he realized how very far north we are. When you get about halfway up Indiana, the interstate signs start providing guidance for a journey to Chicago. Now that's NORTH! This is the best thing about our move, according to Gilbert. This season he's quadrupling the number of Cubs games he was able to attend in the past seasons, and he's doubling the number he gets to watch on t.v. (He sees almost all of them. That's like one game every day! I, personally, am thrilled about this.)

While we're on the subject, the Fed-Ex guy just rang the doorbell with our tickets for the July game we'll be going to. We've been enough times to figure out the areas of shade and rain protection, and I hope I chose tickets correctly. I don't want Cole missing out next time. And next time, I WILL take my camera, and there WILL be pictures to share. (I'm hoping for one of Cole being held by one of the players. Yeah. I guess I shouldn't hold my breath.)


Terri said...

Glad to hear from you. Too bad thats not a Cardinals shirt, but will take the cute pic of Mr. Cole. Glad you all had a great time.

Deaton, party of 5 said...

That is just WAY cool that you all got to get away and have fun like that! Matt and I are going to try to do something similiar this summer, just the two of us. I'm thinking Gatlinburg or KY lake??? I love Cole's photo and think it's cute that he wanted to strip down to his skimmies at the doctor's office. TOOO CUTE!