Just as I was about to create a post that requested your prayers again as I waited to hear about my most recent interview, I got a phone call from the principal that I interviewed with. It's a "no" for this job too. I'm more disappointed about this one than the other, which I predicted. I really would love to council, but I guess I ought to remind myself of my rationale when the other job didn't work out--it just isn't the one I'm supposed to have. I trust that God is going to present me with the right one, but it's hard when I leave an interview thinking that I'd love to do that job.

What makes it even more difficult, if I'm going to be totally honest, is that we're pretty broke. Okay, so we're not at poverty level or anything, and we're not starving, but being sure that in a couple of months things will be much easier sure would ease our minds. Can I request prayers again? Thank you guys again for checking on me and for being willing to pray for this search. As always, I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

I have been checking for updates on your interview. I'm so sorry it didn't work out. God's plan is always best even though sometimes it's not we would would have liked. You have so many wonderful talents and I'm sure God will place you soon at the right school. We'll be praying for you. Love, Emily M.

Valerie said...

God's perfect job is headed your way! You'd better watch out because sometimes God's plans happen when we least expect them. Praying for a job to jump in your lap very soon!!! Hang in there.

Terri said...

Thinking of you and praying that the perfect job finds you soon.

Deaton, party of 5 said...

Hang in there friend! Ditto on Valerie and Terri's comments!