Yes, I am Among the Living

I'm here, making my best attempt at treading water in this business we call teaching. Things are going well. Other than the fact that I have a handful of boys in one period who are doing their best to get under my skin, the days are bearable. I do find myself, however, thinking about how I'd love to be a counselor some days and not be in the classroom. Other days I like the classroom and am glad I'm there. I've been able, so far, to successfully leave school at school and not have stress about it at home. (I hesitate to even leave that sentence on there because I don't want to ruin my streak.) Today as I drove home and obsessed about those boys, I remembered that advice given by Beth Moore not so many weeks ago (and I'm paraphrasing, to some extent)..."If your job has grown stale, maybe you don't need a new job. Maybe you need a new business partner." And, "consider the fact that God knows more about your job than you do." So I prayed that he would show me the right way to handle these boys who have started things off on the wrong foot so very early in the year. By the time I got out of the van to come into the house, I felt better about it. Now if I can just remember that when I walk into the classroom tomorrow.

On a different note, Cole started daycare this week. I wish I had lots to report. I've been a little frustrated that I haven't been able to get the scoop from the teachers who keep him all day, but we can't drag it out of them. I do know that he didn't have a nap yesterday, but he did have one today. That's the most we've been able to get out of them. I'm trying my best not to be the unbearable new mom that I was when Cole attended Gatorland, but I do wish I could find out how his days are. On the positive side, though, it really isn't logical for me to pick him up in the afternoon (it takes almost an hour from my school to daycare to home), so I don't feel bad about not picking him up because I won't be missing out on making it home with the daily scoop.

He's the same happy boy though, so things must not be so bad. Gilbert said that when he pulled into the driveway this afternoon and told Cole that I was home, Cole said, "Mom's home! YES!"

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It's good to run into another minister's wife.