This Boy is Just Too Funny

I could post a series of funny conversations with Cole at the end of every day. Really. Here are a few I've had lately.

On Thanksgiving, at the dinner table:
Cole: "Mom, what's that?"
Kate: "Peas."
C: "Peas like a river?"

I noticed Cole picking his nose, so I asked if he had a booger on his finger. When he told me he did, and I wasn't successful at finding a tissue, I told him that sometimes it's okay to just drop in on the ground (good parental advice, I know). He looked at me, wrinkled his nose, and said, "Can I just eat it?"

Today Cole asked me to carry him when we were leaving church. I carried him as long as I could until I got ready to get Beau ready to be carried out.
Cole: "When you're ready to carry me again, just let me know."

He went into Gilbert's office today and saw lots of gifts delivered by members for the Christmas for Everyone program.
C: What are those?
Gilbert: Those are gifts for kids.
C: Huh. Funny.

He loves to get wild when we're dressing him, especially if he's on the bed. It is MADDENING. It's one of those times when I really want to spank his bottom. Tonight I overheard, from Beau's room, him giving Gilbert a hard time tonight. Gilbert was begging him to calm down and get dressed.
K: "Cole, please let Daddy get you dressed."
C: "Mom, that's not dressed. That's clothes."
K: "Please let daddy get your clothes on."
C: "That's not clothes. That's p.j.'s."
(Gilbert snickers.)
C (to Daddy, quietly): "I did that all by myself."

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Jeanne said...

Even when he's being a stinker...I want you to remember this post and the fact that the boy is not only funny, he's quite entertaining!

I especially loved the booger one! Thanks for the late night laugh... :)