My Funny Guy

Thought I'd share a few stories about Cole that have cracked me up lately:

Story #1:
He and I were playing outside. He was riding around in his Power Wheels Jeep, so he invited me to ride with him.
Kate: I'm sorry, but Mom's too big to ride in the Jeep.
Cole: Okay, Giant!
(So maybe this one isn't SO funny, but it cracked me up.)

Story #2:
(Beware, Lee. This may contain too much information for you. And I'm singling you out because I think you may be the only male reader of my blog, other than Gilbert, and he's used to being provided with too much information. Just thought I'd warn you.)

I've been working VERY hard to shelter Cole from my "getting milk for Beau," if you know what I mean. I must say that it's VERY difficult. Every time I've pumped with him in the house, he's been exposed to a little more and a little more. Finally the other day, as I sat huddled in the closet, I felt the door open behind me, and this time he saw much more than I wanted him to.

Later that day we were outside playing with water guns, so, in an effort to save time and energy, I brought out a cup of water and a funnel for re-loading. While we were playing, a ladybug flew over and landed on Cole's chest. He took the funnel and tried to trap it on his chest. After looking down at the funnel for a second, his face lit up, he smiled, and he said, "Look, Mom. A boobie!"

Story #3:
I tried to draw a picture of Curious George for Cole a few weeks ago. Because of my lack of artistic talent, the only thing about the picture that looked like a monkey was the tail. But Cole said that monkeys don't have tails. We argued about this for a while, until we both let it go. Then today when Curious George came on (and I'd long forgotten about the tail argument), Cole said, "See, Mom. Look at him bottom. He doesn't have a tail." (Why is that, anyway? Why would Curious George not have a tail? Don't all monkeys have tails?!?)

Story #4:
We were eating lasagna for supper a few nights ago, and Cole kept dropping pieces onto his lap. So I jokingly said, "Should I get you a bib?" He got a look of panic on his face and said, "No. I don't want a bib." So I explained that I was kidding and that he's too big for a bib. About 10 minutes later I dropped a little lasagna onto my lap and, without a second's hesitation, Cole said, "Do you need a bib?" I think he's destined to have his daddy's wit. Great.

Story #5:
And speaking of Daddy's wit, tonight Gilbert invited Cole to pull his finger. After Gilbert provided him with the appropriate (or inappropriate) result, Cole scrunched his nose up and said, "You need to take a bath."

I'm loving his sense of humor these days. And to be honest, I'd love it if he ended up with his daddy's wit.


Jeanne said...

He's such a funny little guy! I especially loved the "Boobie story"! :)

Melissa said...

Oh my! I don't know if we can handle another little Gilbert in the world! :)

These stories are so cute. Years from now, you'll be so glad you wrote them down.

pednurse said...

Love the cute stories! Cole is a sweetie....and adorable in class on Sunday mornings (I don't think I will *ever* forget him answering "Mickey Mouse!" when I asked who God made after He made Adam!).

Your story about Curious George got me to wondering, so I looked it up....George is a chimpanzee, which is an ape. Apes don't have tails, while monkeys do. Who knew! lol

Terri said...

These stories are too cute!