I'm Still Here

I'm feeling guilty that I haven't posted anything in a while, so I thought I'd try to come up with something, but there's nothing really new or exciting going on.

Cole's given us a glimpse of the terrible two's the last couple of weeks. It doesn't take much to make him upset, and "no" is his favorite word again. (He did that for a while six months or so ago, but it became scarce for a while. Now it's back. Also back is a flailing hand that accompanies this word. I'm hoping one day he'll understand me when I say, "Be sweet to Mommy. She loves you too much for you to hit her.")

His other favorite thing is dessert. Cookies are on his mind all the time. He'll grab my hand, pull me to standing, reach for me to hold him, then point me toward the kitchen where he'll point to wherever the leftover Christmas goodies are. After venting to my friend Rachel the other day as I opened a package of cookies for him, I remembered that his obsession is mine too, that I am the parent, and that I have control over the situation. So I got out a garbage bag and dumped everything except a few things I designated to Gilbert. When I closed up the bag, Cole wrapped his arms around it and threw his body against it. I wanted to do the same. So I guess if I have to have a new year's resolution, Cole and I are sharing this one.

I've also been working lately on job applications. My licensure is in limbo right now as they're waiting for me to complete a CPR class that is scheduled for next week. I'm just working on applications at a comfortable pace while I have plenty of time to get them in. (I'm hoping for a job in the fall, but I may have a new endeavor in the next week. Stay tuned for more details.)

So, I am still here, and things are still going well. Just thought you might be curious.


Zoe's Mommy said...

Can't wait to hear what may be in store for you and your next career move. Glad you updated! I think I need the same new year's resolution!?!?!?

Carla said...

Cole and cookies, two very sweet things that are hard to say no too I can imagine. I glad everything is going well. Good luck with finding a job.

Deaton, party of 5 said...

That has to be one of your best posts. I was telling Matt about it, and he's going to use it in his sermon today =). You should seriously think of becoming a writer. I love reading about your life!!!

Lana said...

Hmm, we are dealing with the same behavior with Jackson. Very frustrating. Glad you updated. We could sure use a consultant for Initial Grace in Indiana!! :o)
Take care.