Stranded Again!

And now for another episode of "The Misadventures of Miss Kate."

So I'm taking Gilbert to the airport yesterday to catch a flight so he can go hunting with his dad in South Alabama. We decided to take my car because it gets better gas mileage and it had a full tank. I drop Gilbert off, get about 3 miles down I-465 (in Indianapolis, for those of you who aren't familiar) and I suddenly start decelerating. I try to pick up speed again, but with no luck. With nowhere to pull off, I quickly exit, hoping momentum will keep me going until I can get to a good pulling off spot. However, momentum doesn't get you far when the exit is a circular uphill ramp. I find myself halfway up the ramp on the side of the road.

I call Gilbert for advice on what to do. He gives the numbers of a couple of knowledgeable and level-headed people in Lafayette (it's about 60 miles away). I try Bill Bell first. He's the one who helped us out when my car gave us trouble on the way up in October, if you're familiar with that story. Of course, he jumps in the car and comes to my rescue. Luckily, most of my wait-time is still in some daylight (it's about 5:40). In the meantime, I call my friend Rachel to chat (I'd been trying to find a good time to call her), try to catch Melissa to check on her, and call to check on Cole. (Praise God he was with the Tilleys and not in the cold car with me!) By 6:35 I'm in a warm car with Bill and he's on the phone with Triple A, requesting a tow. By 8:30 the car's on the truck and we're heading back to Lafayette.

With a restroom stop and a stop at my house to get Gilbert's vehicle, it's a little after ten when I make it to Cole. He's trying to be asleep, but the commotion hinders him. By 10:45 we're home, cuddling in the rocking chair, and thanking God that Gilbert was at the airport and Cole was safe and warm in Lafayette when the car broke down, that we finally made it home together, that we were able to safely crawl into our own warm beds that night, and that we have such great people to help take care of us.

What a night! And, what a morning--Cole was up and at 'em by 6:45.


Mindy said...

thank God for Bill Bell and his Triple A membership :)

Deaton, party of 5 said...

Have you seen Office Space??? Your vehicles are reminding me of the fax machine in that movie. Maybe one day, you can take them out in a field and "whoop up on 'em". I'm sorry for all your car troubles.

Dana said...

Wow! What would we do without friends?

Carla said...

Thank God for wonderful friends and for placing everyone in their right spots. Hopefully you can work a nap into your schedule today.

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart! I'm glad it all turned out alright and Cole wasn't with you. What an adventure! Emily

Terri said...

How horrible! I hate you keep having car troubles. I hope they are all fixed now.