A Trip to Bowling Green...Maybe

Back before we moved I made plans to go back to Bowling Green around this time, specifically to see two of my former students in The Diary of Anne Frank at the Public Theatre of Kentucky. About three weeks ago I decided this coming weekend would be the best time, and it's the last weekend of the play, so I didn't really have a later choice, if I wanted to see the play. So I called the Gibbs and booked the reservations for my lodging, then called PTK and reserved tickets, and I was all set.

Last night my friend Mandy said, "So, Kate. What are you going to do about your trip this weekend with the bad weather we have coming?" This was the first I'd heard of it. Apparently, we are in for the largest amount of snow since mid-December, and it's coming tonight. Some of you are aware that this mid-December snow was what kept us trapped IN Bowling Green and OUT of Lafayette just before Christmas. Maybe I should just rule out traveling during winter altogether from now on.

So I got some perspectives from friends, checked the internet when I got home, and decided I had a couple of choices. I could either check on getting tickets for the Sunday performance of the play and just take a day trip (maybe leave Gilbert in charge of Cole?!?) or I could try to leave tonight. Problem is, the snow's going to start this afternoon and I have a 2:30 appointment with my doctor.

So I guess I'll be doing what I do WORST--winging it. Cole and I are packed. The bag's by the door. We'll either be jetting out as soon as my appointment is finished and trying to make it to Kentucky before we get hit with the big stuff, or we'll be living out of our packed suitcase at home for the next couple of days.

Wow. My life is never dull.


Mandy said...

Pray that you had an uneventful trip down to Bowling Green for a change. I thought you would try to bolt yesterday before the storm and I am glad you did. I talked to Gilbert and he told me that you left. We have alot of snow here. Hope you have fun at the play. PLEASE becareful coming back. Love ya.

Lee Fowlkes said...

Hey, once you make it to Bowling Green you won't have to worry about bad weather. We haven't had anything. I'm a little jealous! Maybe I should have gone to keep Gilbert company this weekend.

Dana said...

I'm glad you came. It was good to see you two. You obviously love us to come see us. It's Gilbert loving us I'm starting to havbe my doubts about.