I thought it might be interesting to you all if I begin to comment on some of the things I'm experiencing here in Indiana beyond my new home, so I've decided to post the first (probably of many) in which I tell you about what it's like here. Today I'll give you the perspective of what I'm experiencing here from the consumer point-of-view (in other words, my shopping experiences).

[I would like to note here that I just re-read the above paragraph and realized that it sounds like I'm planning to write about some foreign land, like the North Pole or Africa or as some pioneer would write about an uninhabited part of the country she's never been.]

I'm pleased to announce that from our duplex I can look out Cole's bedroom window and see Wal-Mart's Tire and Lube Express. Some of you cringe upon hearing this information. The truth is, our neighborhood is rather quiet, and the flood lights of Wal-Mart do, just like the store, run 24 hours a day, but we've put Cole's curtains up, so we're good to go. Another reason that you might cringe is simply at the idea of Wal-Mart. If you're at all like me, any mention of a grocery store makes you cower, but being at home these days makes me itch for an outing, so I don't mind the idea of Wal-Mart here--yet, anyway.

I do have some new shopping experiences that I'd like to report. I have had the opportunity to enter my first Super Target. As much as I enjoy Target, it didn't quite love this experience like I thought I would. I guess the fact that I had a baby with a diaper so dirty that he wouldn't sit down and diapers in the car didn't help the situation. In addition to this, I was looking for things that could either fit into the regular, normal area of the store or in the grocery section. For this reason, I found myself wandering up and down each aisle, sometimes more than a couple of times, hoping I would find what I needed (in this case, cleaning supplies), and hoping that Cole wouldn't flip out of the buggy. Despite my frustration, however, I'm sure that I will grow to love Target once again, and perhaps the super version even more than the regular one.

Another unique store I've found is Payless. And I don't mean the shoe store. This is a grocery store. Based upon what I can gather, Payless is Kroger. It's just that when Kroger bought it out, no one wanted to part with the name, so they continued to call it Payless, but they stock everything Kroger stocks, including Kroger brands. Their slogan is, "Right store, right price." Sound familiar? What's most humorous is the fact that the signs that mark each aisle look to have stickers that say "Payless" over the "Kroger" stickers.

Finally, I'll tell you about another I've never heard of that I encountered today. No funny story for this one. There's a store here called Meijer. It is pronounced like the last name of a boy I knew growing up, Josh Meyers, except without the s at the end. To me, it's exactly like a Super Walmart, but it seems to be a little more upscale than Wal-Mart. It's nice. They even have real Carter's baby clothes, and they also have real sales. Cole and I stayed there for probably an hour or more, just wandering around. While there I bought a third baby gate to replace the first for the bottom of the stairs (this one has a door so we won't have to hike our legs over anymore--an interesting feat when you're holding a sleeping boy), some quiet church activities (for Cole to use while Daddy's preaching--not for myself), and child-locks for our toilet. (This, I'm afraid, is another, more entertaining post; perhaps my next. I'm still mulling this one around in my head and trying to take pictures to add to the entertainment value.)

Considering the fact that this is the largest city I've ever lived in (and I do realize that my take on Super Target makes me sound like I actually did grow up in Bridgeport, Alabama), there are many more shopping experiences to be had. This weekend, Gilbert and I are planning on trying out the mall.


Mindy said...

oh Kate, you may not want to try the mall. It's a place you only go to when you HAVE to go. ;-) And especially not on weekends- so if you do go- go during the week, and during the day. And a tip for parking- there's a nice lot in between Kohls and Macy's and a door to enter there- I typically can find a spot in one of the first 2 rows :) Just a tip. :)

Gilbert Kerrigan said...

It is sad that I had to read your blog to know that you bought a new gate for the stairs. I saw you at lunch and never heard a thing about it. This blogging business is going to wreak havoc on our marriage!

Just kidding about the havoc part. Don't want to start any rumors.

Deaton, party of 5 said...

Super Target--oh my, my circuits are blown. I love that department store and the fact that it can become even larger =).

Zoe's Mommy said...

kate,you crack me up! unlike the first poster, i think the mall sounds like a fun place to go.... especially if you're up for an outing. even if it's very crowded, i think it would be a great adventure to add to your blog:o)

Kate said...

For the record, to those of you who noticed my dear husband's comment, I told him at lunch about the gate. Maybe it's selective hearing that will wreak havoc on our marriage!

Sarbear said...

Kate, if you ever need a shopping buddy I've never been known to turn down shopping so feel free to give me a call! Also, about the mall...I'm with Mindy. It's not that great of a mall and it's much more pleasant during the week. Walmart being a hop, skip, and a jump away hasn't bothered us yet. I may feel differently when they connect East Park Place to Fairington, but we'll see. It is convenient for late night cravings though!

Oh...and the selective hearing thing...Mark's got it too! :o)

Do you all want to do dinner sometime soon?

Vicki V said...

Mindy's got it right....avoid the mall on the weekends. I took James there Saturday for a Purdue engineering hands-on thing for kids and was shocked at how far away we had to park (it has been a long time since I was there on a weekend!). I always go during the week while everyone else is at work. Let me know if you want to go sometime during the week or if you want company/tour guide any other time during weekday mornings.....my mornings are mostly free now that Sarah is in Kindergarten. Welcome to Elmwood & Lafayette!

Dana said...

Hmmm...sounds like I could live there. I love Target and Meijer!