Origin of a Tag

Because of the short amount of time I've been a blogger (or maybe because I'm not loved), I've never been tagged before. But I have been around the block long enough to know what tagging is, so I'm taking the initiative to start one myself.

The idea to do this is a combination of my desire to start an email questionnaire about being a mommy and my desire to share funny stories about my little mischieveous boy. So, I'm adapting a tag I've seen floating around...Who doesn't like to tell cute stories about their kids? Here are the rules:

1) Each player starts with five random facts/habits/stories about their child(ren).
2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their five things) and post these rules.
3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose a few people to get tagged and list their names.
4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

My Sweet Cole:
1. Cole loves to tickle. He says, "tickle, tickle, tickle" in his own, cute way as he wiggles his fingers. In the last week he's tickled an elder's wife's bare foot and the cable guy while he was working on our computer. Hilarious.

2. His favorite word is "please." (What a mannerly boy.) He signs the word and says either "pea" or "bea." Anytime he wants anything, this is what he does. Lately he finds what he wants and says, "This. Pea."

3. When he sees any type of live animal (I don't mean as opposed to dead. I mean as opposed to in a book), he says, "WHOA! WHOA!"

4. During church on Sunday, we went to first service when they don't have a staffed nursery. I was so pleased at how he was behaving, overall. At one point, though, he laid down in the floor very still. He put his hand up and started playing with the bottom of the pew in front of us. When the lady in front of me turned around and smiled, I remembered that the pew has a gap between the seat and back. He was poking her in the bottom.

5. Since our move, he's been into EVERYTHING. Sometimes he drives me nuts. To make matters worse, our cabinets have no handles, so we can't easily put child locks on them. Although we've put anything harmful out of his reach, he can and does unload all the cabinets whenever he has a chance. Yesterday I heard him banging around in the kitchen. When I checked on him, he had completely unloaded one of the cabinets and had put himself totally inside. Of course, my camera batteries were dead, and by the time I replaced them, he had slithered out.

*Bonus fact! (I just thought of this one, the day after making this post, and I couldn't leave it off.) If the computer "falls asleep," Cole goes over and pushes a key to make it "wake up" so he can see his picture on the wallpaper. After he sees the picture, he walks away and goes on about his business.

Okay. Now your turn. I tag Melissa, Terri, and Ashley.


Ashley Fowlkes said...

Shock of shocks - I did it! See my blog for details. I love your stories better, though. My random facts are just that, rather random.

Kate said...

Thanks for humoring me. I liked your stories.

Terri said...

I did it. Hope you like the stories. Allison fills everyday with at least one funny story.

Dana said...

I'm cracking up at Cole poking the lady in the bottom! You must write that one in his baby book. I miss you guys!

Dana said...

I'm cracking up at Cole poking the lady in the bottom! You must write that one in his baby book. I miss you guys!

Shelia Dunn said...

Let him play with the pots and pans. They are fun and are no big deal except give him a couple of wooden spoons also. Who knows he may be a drummer.
e-mail me sometimes.

We love and miss you